SECA - Environmental and Climatic Studies System Ltd., is especialized in consulting services, studies and environmental projects with emphasis in air pollution since 1995. With the experienced technical team, advising companies with updated technology. SECA works with the impartiality and quality commitment.

SECA - Environmental and Climatic Studies System Ltd.
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Formed by the great experience professionals graduated in Brazil and other countries. Besides the theoretical formation, they have practical knowledge in projects and studies. This knowledge was acquired in many years worked in deprived and public companiesand universities about environment area.

Dr. SILVIO DE OLIVEIRA is the SECA technical leader team.


MSc., in Space Science- Space Researches Institute - INPE;
BSc., in Meteorology - Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, UFRJ.;
Environmental Engineering Specialist in Texas A & M University;
Mathematical Modeling Specialist in the Sciences Academy of Oriental Berlim - 1994.

Silvio de Oliveira

Professional Experience:

He worked more than 20 years in CETESB as Environmental Quality Department Manager;
Director of the National Institute of Meteorology - INMET 1986 -1990;
Professor and collaborator from Public Health University of USP, since 1986;
Air Waste Management Association A&WMA President - Brazilian Section.

Application of Mathematical Models in Studies of Dispersion (Air, Water, Soil and Risks);
Field Researches and Consulting;
Assembling, Training and Analysing Data for Weather Stations;
Data Processing Softwares Development;
Training, Courses and Lectures on Environmental Area;
Environmental Projects Management;
Ambiental Licenses;
Risks Management and Numeric Simulation for Accidental Leaks;
Atmospheric Dispersion and Climatic Studies for Industries Installation;
Air Quality Projects Dimensioning;
Biometeorological Studies;
Climate and Air Quality Evaluation for EIA / RIMA Consulting.