SECA company is Lakes Environmental official dealer in Brazil, in mathematical modeling for pollutant dispersion softwares.

ISC-AERMOD View Mathematical Model

The complete and powerful mathematical modeling system for atmospheric dispersion. The software incorporates three U.S.EPA models (ISCST3, AERMOD e ISC PRIME). ISC-AERMOD View is used to estimate wet, dry and dispersion pollutant concentration for several industrial sources.

ISC-AERMOD View caracteristics:

  • input intuitive data;
  • meteorological data files pre-processing;
  • digital maps interface;
  • Stack plume and building downwash effects;
  • 3D visualization .
Download ISC-View Demo

Risks Resources (Mathematical Models):

  • RMP - Risks analysis.
  • SLAB View - Accidental leaks simulation of toxic gases.
  • SLAB 3D View - 3D visualization tool of SLAB View model.

Download RMP Demo           Download Slab View Demo

Other Products of Mathematical Simulation:

  • Screening Model - Estimate pollutant concentration to point sources.
  • WR Plot - Wind Rose plot from meteorological data.
  • AERMET - Meteorological database to ISC-AERMOD View model.